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Three-Ply Laminating Machine

Siddh Lamifab Pvt. Ltd.

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Three-Ply Laminating Machine


5 sets of EPC auto cross flat type.
Three layer glue grooves for choosing different glues, allow to laminate on of many kinds of materials.
Equipped with safety lines and 2 sets of air cylinders to control the production flow for increased safety and convenience.
Able to do attachment in three layers or two layers at once.
High quality machine, saving labor costs and high output quality.
Able to adapt heater roller diameter of 1.5m for having the longer drying time for well finished goods.


Item / Model



1 - 45 yards / per minute

EPC Auto Cross Flats Unit

5 sets

Number of Glue Grooves


Heat Resistant Press Checkered Belt


Size of Heating Roller

2 sets, 120 x 178 cm

Power of Electric Heating Tube & Rated Current (Vapor Available)

220V 173A 1.5 KW x 36 = 54 KW
380V 100A 1 KW x 12 = 12 KW

DC Motor (Stepless Variable Speed)

3 HP 3-step linking-up, single-up
1 HP Rated current 31.8

Machine Size

1950 x 260 x 260 (cm)

Machine Weight

7000 kg


Our company reserves the right to modify the specifications & dimensions. These are subjected to change without prior notice.

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EPC Auto Cross Flats Unit, Three-Ply Laminating Machine, Glue Grooves, Heat Resistant Press Checkered Belt, Heating Roller, Electric Heating Tube, DC Motor