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Automatic Edge Control Winding Machine

Siddh Lamifab Pvt. Ltd.

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Automatic Edge Control Winding Machine


This machine is suitably used for folding various types of cloths evenly and examining defects. It is especially good for knitting cloth, boa material, terrycloth, etc.
Roll the cloth with the edge control machine and make the edge of cloth orderly. According to the type of cloth, users can choose soft-rolling or hard-rolling so that the packing will be nice and be suitable for the cloth.
With the timer, you can record the length of cloth correctly.
The inspection plate is white Acryl, the light goes through evenly.


Item / Model


Width of Roller

72", 80", 90"

Horse Power

VS 1 HP x 4P x 1 set
1/2 HP x 4P x 1 set

Working Space

2000 x 2400 x 2200 (cm)

Rolling Speed

0 - 85 yds/per min

Max. Roll-Up Diameter

300 mm


Our company reserves the right to modify the specifications & dimensions. These are subjected to change without prior notice.

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