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R.N. Overseas

Ranveer Singh Nehra

HomeCompaniesR.N. Overseas3/16/2011 [Total Votes: 474, Hits: 996]Print 'R.N. Overseas'




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Flat No.2, Maruti Tower (IInd- Floor)


Agra, Uttar Pradesh [India]

R.N. Overseas is a profound world of durable and breathtaking sandals and slippers. Our persistent efforts towards excellence have enabled us to establish ourselves amongst renowned children’s shoes manufacturers. From the time of our derivation i.e. 1996, we wholesale Kids Slippers, Kids Sandals, Child Slippers, Children's Shoes and many other items. Started by Mr. Ranveer Singh Nehra, we are inclined towards manufacturing superb quality products.

All our sales activity are carried through wholesalers and distributors. The range of our children shoes is manufactured using excellent quality leather. Our Kids Sandals, Child Slippers etc. are fine example of skilled workmanship. We always took the challenges to deliver items that will occupy a very special place in the market. Furthermore, we have maintained sufficient stock; in order to meet the diverse demand of domestic market.

About Our Products

We provide matchless quality products whether they are Children Sport Shoes, Kids Shoes, or Children Sandals. We deliver highly commendable products that conform to the global standards of market. Our main consideration is to deliver products within the stipulated time limit. We have dignified workforce that works with the vision of achieving excellence in manufacturing.

The appreciation of our success is fully dependent on our professional expertise. Our prime focus is to deliver the product that our client needs. With our high quality products, we have proactive client services too. All of these things in totality have positioned us a way ahead in the shoe manufacturing industry. Our products such as Children's Sandals, Children's Slippers and Children's Shoes are the items that are liked and possessed by number of people.

Children's Sandals: We are a company involved in the production of excellent range of Children's Sandals. As one of the successful children sandals manufacturers, we have gained lot of reputation in the shoe manufacturing industry. Our range of Children's Sandals, Kids Sandals etc., are fabulous items that everyone prefer to buy. Moreover their reasonable prices will definitely impress you a lot.

Children's Slippers: We are glad to introduce ourselves as manufacturer of Children's Slippers, Baby Slippers etc. We wholesale kids slippers most beautiful range. Our children's slippers are the items that impart a royal look. Our children's slippers, baby slippers etc., definitely give a silky appeal to the children. All of our Children's Slippers are prepared from non-slippery suede soles.

Children's Shoes: We feel proud to introduce our name as a successful Kids Shoes Manufacturer. We are rated by our clients as one of the best Child Shoes Supplier having different kinds of Children Sport Shoes, Kids Shoes etc. The Children Shoes manufactured by us are available in different sizes and styles. Their reasonable rates will surely inspire you to conduct a purchase from us.


Children's Sandals
Children's Slippers
Children's Shoes

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